Desiccant prevents moisture in delivered Product

HyDry™, the desiccant that meets the demand.

  • Hydry™ works in every application that requires your product to arrive to the customer, moisture free.
  • HyDry™ is more absorbable than silica gel, clays, & beads, taking more water out of your shipping medium, faster, with the flexibility of paper, printable and able to be customized to your shipping bottle, box or container cheaper than any other option available.
  • HyDry™ has no packets, pouches or bag to break and contaminate.

HyDry™ desiccant is Eco-Green and recyclable, renewable, sustainable, compostable, and it decomposes. Read more of this post at,



Paper thin desiccant absorbs double what silica gel, and cost far less!


Can be use in almost every shipping process for every product including food!


Author: Axioma Products

Axioma LLC is a distributor of desiccant source (HyDry™ ) that is a new patented paper sheet desiccant that does not use silica gel, clay, or calcium chloride pellets. Standard desiccants are made from grains or pellets encased in packets. HyDry™ is efficiently dispersed on a molecular level into a paperboard form, eliminating potential contamination should the pouch or packet tear or break scattering pellets throughout your product. HyDry™ absorbs 2 to 3 times more humidity than silica gel. Therefore, less desiccant material is required and greater capacity is achieved. Axioma LLC distributes HyDry™ worldwide. The proprietary manufacturing is from 100% recycled, eco-green, compostable paper. Axioma LLC delivers a new, patented desiccant that delivers higher performance and lower cost than current desiccants on the market today. HyDry™ is made from safe ingredients and is suitable for any use, including both food and pharmaceutical use. HyDry™ is compliant with FDA Food Packaging Regulations for direct contact with dry food per (i) 21 CFR 176.180 and (ii) 21 CFR 176.260. HyDry™ is manufactured in the United States.